Aircraft entry into service

Head-start Aviation Systems is engaged with Gulfstream Aerospace in the Entry into Service area. Wide experience has been gained in supporting customers in some remote areas for private and governmental operations on GIV, G200, G450, G550 and G650's.

30 Gulfstream aircraft have been put into service by our team since 2005 in South-East Asia, Middle-East, Europe and Africa.

  • This exposition begins right at the factory from delivery and putting the aircraft into operation at the customer’s site.
  • Training and exposition of maintenance & flying personnel is on the agenda of the Head-start Aviation Systems Entry into Service Package.
  • Complete support by highly trained and dedicated technician with best references.
  • Interface between the manufacturer and the client/operator is very important in a successful start of operation.
  • Typically this service runs from 1 to 6 months.

Customer knowledge and empowerment are continuously on the agenda of our employees.