HAS achieves ISBAO operator approval and EASA Part NCC compliance
Head-Start Aviation Systems Ltd has been approved as an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) operator after being audited by IBAC International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) making our company compliant with NCC regulations.

Since August 2016, all non-commercial operators of complex aircraft (heavier than 5'700 kg or equipped with more than 19 seats) that have their principal place of business or residence in EASA Member States have to comply with Part-NCC, a new EU regulation that aims to bring the safety level of non-commercial operations closer to the standards required by commercial airlines. The goal is to improve safety by increasing the requirements for operating aircraft in a non-commercial environment.

In particular, Part-NCC requires creation and implementation of a Minimum Equipment List (MEL), a Maintenance Control Manual (detailing the operator's plan for the continuing management of the aircraft's airworthiness), and a Company Operations Manual (to include a Fatigue Risk Management Program (FRMP) and a Safety Management System (SMS), and assignment of the aircraft to a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)).

To facilitate reporting and safety culture Head-Start Aviation Systems Ltd has subscribed to SMS Pro introducing an evolutionary process in safety management, facilitating safety culture, Compliance with standards and Hazard identification and risk analysis.
IS-BAO Certificate of Registration