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Head-Start Aviation Systems Ltd has been engaged since 2009 as an EASA Part M, Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO), approval (CY.MG.005). 

Our capability includes Gulfstream GIV, GIV-X, GV, GV-SP and Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy aircraft as specified in our approval certificate. 

This service can be provided for any type of aircraft following a process to extend our capability list.
Head-Start Aviation Systems Ltd as an EASA approved organisation (CY.MG.005), can support you with the following activities:

   * Development and control of a suitable maintenance programme.
   * Management of approval of modification and repairs.
   * Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance programme.
   * AD / SB assessment.
   * Aircraft defect / deferred defect control.
   * Record / technical log control and retention.
   * Establishment of appropriate maintenance contracts.
   * AOG service.
   * Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review).

Additional services 

In addition, Head-Start Aviation can assist you in the following:

   * Pre-buy inspection
   * Import and export of new and used aircraft
   * Monitoring of aircraft being implemented into your operation
   * Representation during maintenance events
   * Invoice and record control
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