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You certainly have your aircraft under management, but this does not mean that your airplane maintenance is actually managed to your best interest. Our experience at HAS over many years taught us that Management Companies do not sufficiently invest in maintenance/technical resources to actually be proactive and protect your aircraft. In fact in many instances, they only pay invoices without long term planning… 

For all these reasons, the Head-start Maintenance Support will very well supplement your Management Company. We are not competitor but complementary and in a long run our program will save you money and increase your aircraft availability.
The Head-start Maintenance Support aims to ensure a safe, successful, cost-efficient and transparent maintenance of new or pre-owned aircraft and includes:
  • Hands-on reliable service by EASA/FAA certified technicians.
  • Short term Flight Technician services for long trips.
  • Selection of reliable suppliers with competitive prices.
  • Supporting contract assessment.
  • All maintenance inputs supervised on site.
  • Screening of all maintenance invoices prior to payment.
  • Continuous coordination and monitoring of aircraft condition.
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  • Relation with Authorities.
  • Warranty claims and follow-up.
  • A reasonable package-price known in advance.

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